Custom Jewelry Design

Bring your dream jewelry to life with Lakewood Diamonds

The Process

Your Own Custom Jewelry

The jewelry we wear is a form of personal expression, but sometimes the look we crave is something that can only be achieved through custom jewelry design. At Lakewood Diamonds, we love bringing our customer’s vision to life. Whether you’re creating something from scratch or want to transform an existing piece, our expert team is here to help you every step of the way.

The Initial Meeting

That idea you’ve been hanging on to… bring it to us! During our initial meeting, we’ll work together to make sure we understand your vision. Whether you have sketches, examples, or a vision in your head, we’ll pull together a quote, shake hands, and get your custom jewelry piece started.

The Model

This is where your idea starts to take shape, quite literally. Once your custom jewelry designs have been approved, we’ll transform them into a 3-D format. By utilizing CAD and wax modeling, you’ll be able to see your custom piece from every angle to ensure that it’s absolutely flawless.

The Finished Product

Once the model has been approved, we’ll start to work our magic. We’ll cast. We’ll polish. We’ll secure each and every stone. When we’ve perfected every last detail, we’ll call you in to present you with your final, custom designed jewelry piece. Finally, that perfect piece of jewelry that you’ve always dreamed of!

When it comes to custom designed pieces, at Lakewood Diamonds, we’ve seen it all. No matter how vague or complex the vision, we always look forward to bringing our customers’ ideas to life. View the gallery below for examples of our work and then imagine the custom jewelry piece we could create for you.